Thursday, February 4, 2010

Young PAP - Platform for women and youth?

There was an article in The Straits Times today about the recent surge in Young PAP members - over 1,000 to be exact.

On the very same page is an article on how Singaporeans for Democracy has successfully received approval for its registration.

A quick search on facebook showed that Young PAP (YP) has over 2000 members, while the newly approved Singaporeans for Democracy (SFD)has over 500. This is heartening considering YP has been around for more than ten years and SFD has officially been around since Tuesday.

What I take issue with from the article is this:

"A new trend among the newcomers is the large number of women, a change the male-dominated organisation is proud of, said Mr. Ismail.

Almost 45 per cent of the recruits are women, partly a result of YP urging its male members to coax their wives, girlfriends or sisters to be members."

Fortunately, women now have a place in politics as our brave, smart boyfriends, husbands and brothers have "coaxed" us. After all, if you join YP it means you're a chio bu, right?

"The YP also has, according to some netizens, another pull factor: Pretty girls. One netizen highlighted recently several "chiobu" - a Hokkien slang for pretty girl - in its executive committee and among its members.

MP Teo shrugs it off: "I don't know how the ladies feel, but I think it's quite flattering. If they join us, then they join. If they are good-looking... that's a plus!"

If YP had any intention of using their recent statistics to portray themselves as a platform to empower youth and women, this is an epic fail. It's flattering to be seen as a chio bu and a girl, instead of an informed, intelligent member?

Or perhaps I speak too soon. Let's give the 45 per cent some time to check with their male significant others/brothers how they should feel about this.

While checking the Young PAP facebook page today, I came across something I didn't know. The PAP cheer is strangely similar to our national anthem. My extensive research into Majulah Singapura recently made this information very surprising.
Had to say something so I joined for comment-making purposes, bracing myself for "is now a fan of Young PAP" comments.

How did our National Anthem become the PAP Party Cheer?
This makes me really sad.
Government and Country is not the same thing.

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